4 Reasons to Swap Your Gas-Powered Lawn Mower for an Electric One

In the past, electric mowers couldn't match the power and cutting performance of gas-powered mowers. However, those days have long since passed, and electric mowers now present a number of compelling advantages that should be more than enough to make you give up on your old gas model.

Here are just four reasons to make the switch.

1. Electric Mowers Are More Eco-Friendly

First and foremost, electric mowers are a lot more eco-friendly than gas ones, and for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is that gasoline engines produce harmful emissions that are not created by electric ones. If you imagine that those emissions are negligible, think again. In fact, the USA's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that 5% of all U.S. air pollution is caused by gas mowers. Beyond emissions, there are the gas spills that often occur during the refuelling process. Again, they may not sound like a big deal, but it has been estimated that over 17 million gallons of fuel are spilled each year while refuelling lawn equipment.  

2. Electric Mowers Are Quieter

It isn't just environmental pollution that you can cut down on by switching from a gas mower to an electric one – you'll also be able to reduce the amount of sound pollution that you create. Gas mowers are pretty loud, usually to the point where you can't hear anyone shouting at your while you're using one. That kind of noise isn't good for your ears, and it also disturbs the peacefulness of a nice summer day. Electric mowers are almost soundless, so you'll protect your ears and avoid aggravating your neighbours.

3. Electric Mowers Are Easier to Refuel and Maintain

Gas mowers will obviously need to be regularly refuelled with gasoline, and you'll also need to supply the engine with plenty of oil to ensure that it stays in good running condition. Refuelling and changing the oil can be a tedious and messy procedure. In contrast, electric mowers require no oil and the recharging process as is simple as plugging the mower in. Additionally, an electric mower lacks many of the complex moving parts found in a gasoline engine, so repairs are less likely to be needed.

4. Electric Mowers Are Easier to Use

When you start up a gas mower, you need to keep yanking the pull cord until the engine fires up, which often takes several tries. When you're using an electric mower? All you need to do is hit the power switch. So, an electric mower is easier to use from the word go, and it will continue to be easier to use as you mow your lawn. This is because electric mowers are generally a lot lighter than gas ones.